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Modal Silk fabric manufacturer with Cashmere, modal silk blend manufacturers companies delhi india

Properties of silk/modal blended knitted fabrics

Silk/modal blended knitted fabrics have the highest air permeability and abrasion resistance besides least air resistance with very good thermal conductivity – all these properties making this blended fabric an excellent choice as garment material.

Apparel industry is always driven by trendy fashion concepts. Fashion is a resultant of the culmination of creativeness compounded with or without simple or exotic concepts, designs, shapes, silhouettes with ornamentations and splash of colours. Fashion and trend changes can occur at any point of time. 

Pure silk knitted fabrics have very good scope because it is a synonym for elegance, and silk garment are prized for their vanity, versatility, wearability and comfort. Silk is the strongest of natural fibres. Silk absorbs moisture, which makes it cool in summer and warm in winter. Because of its high absorbency, it is easily dyed in varieties of pale and deep colours. Silk retains its shape, drapes well, and sparkles with a dazzling lustre. 

Qualities of Silk Modal

  • High hairiness value.
  • High Single yarn strength.
  • High lea strength
  • High elongation and CSP.
  • Good Abrasion resistance as these fibers is man-made and as their surface is smooth, they are lesser friction resulting in decreased abrasion.
  • Higher drivability than cotton fabric.
  • High difference in bursting strength because of increased unevenness and increased mass variation of the yarn.
  • Decreased bursting strength.
  • High area shrinkage.
  • High longitudinal wicking length.
  • Increased thermal conductivity.
  • Air permeability is high.
  • Air resistance is minimal.
  • Excellent thermal conductivity.
All these above mentioned properties of silk modal make this exceptional fabric a perfect choice as garment material and scarves. The low water absorbent and low vapor transmission properties make silk modal fabric the best suited for winter garment. Hence, silk modal scarves are of great use.  Silk modal scarves are accessible in excellent designs and patterns.

Pashmina Shawl manufacturer, Pashmina Shawl supplier Delhi India

About Pashmina
A textile made from a kind of fine cashemere wool is known as Pashmina. This fibre is also termed as 'pashm'. The fine cashemere wool is obtained from the underbelly of the changthangi or Capra Hircus goat or pashmina goat. Pashmina goat is a goat breed which resides in the high altitudes of Himalayas. Hence, they have a thin inner coat of wool which protects them from the bad Himalayan winters. This inner coat of these goats is collected and spun to generate Pashmina. But for the collection of this inner coat of wool the goats are not harmed as the wool is gathered only when it is naturally shed.

Blends of Pashmina
There are several pashmina shawls manufacturer in India.. These manufacturers utilize a softening process of the 100% pashmina products, which softens the pashmina and gives it a silken feature. At times Pashmina is a mixture of pure pashmina wool and silk. The blend of 70% pashmina and 30% silk is the most famous textile while, 50% pashmina and 50% silk is common. This mixture of pure pashmina wool and silk offers durability to the pashmina and is very soft and light weight. Strength and luster is added to the cloth by silk. Therefore, more the content of pashmina wool in a textile, more expensive the textile would be. Generally, there are two kinds of silk fiber which are used. They are 140 and 210. Silk is added in different amounts. 

The textile pashmina is also termed as the diamond fabric and the soft gold of high Asia due to its exceptional softness and soothing warmth. Pashmina is considered to be the best, softest and the warmest textile accessible anywhere. The unique feature of Pashmina is that the textile becomes still softer and comforting with every use.

Accessories of Pashmina
There are several accessories made up of Pashmina available. Some of them are scarf, stole or Pashmina shawl Pashmina shawls are generated from fine cashmere fibre and are hand spun and embroidered in Kashmir. Outstanding weaving skills are required to weave this delicate Pashmina shawls. To produce one pashmina shawl, the wool from three goats are required.

Jamawar Shawls manufacturers delhi india, Jamawar Shawls wholesalers

About Jamawar
Jamavar is a particular kind of shawl which is made in Kashmir. One of the most attractive shawls is the Jamawar shawls. The word “Jama” indicates robe and the word “war” means yard. It is so named as the ings used to buy the woven material in yard and used to wear it as a shawl or wrap it around. Shawl clKoth or long shawl is the trade name for Jamawar. Jamavar is an intricate way of weaving superior quality shawls. The exceptional designs and the colors of Jamavar are quite impressionable because of which they are in great demand. Usually the base of the Jamawar is wool with little addition of cotton.

Weaving Technique
Weaving of Jamawar is quite meticulous and intricate. The 'twill-tapestry' technique is used to weave the Jamawar shawls. It is woven by hand. The designs created on jamawar are with the help of weft threads of different colors. These threads are woven in tiny areas to produce the required tiny colored blocks. There are approximately nearly 50 colors which are used in one shawl. The common colors used are yellow, white, black, turquoise, green, purple, crimson and scarlet. This weaving is also known as jacquard weaving.
Reviving The Art
This art of Jamawar was revived by introducing Jamawar saris. These Jamawar saris range in the shades from deep, rich to delicate pastels. At least four months are required to generate one Jamawar sari.
Difference between Kashmiri Jamawar Shawl and European Jamawar Shawl
A Jamawar shawl from Kashmir may have several colors as many as 250 colors, whereas the European counterpart generally has only 6 to 12 colors. European Jamawar shawls can be completed in few days or weeks while the original Kashmiri Jamawars take a few years to complete.

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About cashmere shawls manufacturers delhi india

Pureweave is one of the leading Manufacturer of Cashmere, Alpaca, Camel hair, Yak, Wool & Silks in shape of Shawls, Stoles & Fabric. Pureweave has taken birth from “cma group” one of the main raw material suppliers to Indian Textile Industry having production facility from fibre to fabric, Pureweave is pioneer in converting delicate fibers into fabricThe journey of Pureweave so far is itself an inspirational, With utmost dedication and motivation to offer quality product to its customers, the pillars of “cma group”, who started as a raw material supplier to Indian Textile Industry had made intensive efforts in backward and forward integration of company potential and today has become one of the most emerging Pureweave product manufacturer.Pureweave is a famous quality mark for cashmere products, with the experience of Thirty five years in handling processing and manufacturing of world famous Kashmir shawls. New innovative designs in shawls & Garments have been introduced to match the international trend and tastes.

Pureweave today has the state of art manufacturing units in order to feed the ever lasting demand of Pureweave based products like Shawls, Stoles, Mufflers, Fabrics, Garments in the global market.Pureweave has a wide array of spinning and weaving systems for practically all kinds of fibers ranging from Cashmere, wool, Silk, alpaca, mohair, camel hair, and yak. Pureweave Shawls are woven from soft and finest Cashmere in the world. The fleece of the mountain goat (Capra Hircus), which lives high in the Himalayas. Every process involved in handling of fibre, spinning, dyeing, weaving and finishing is meticulously controlled by our experienced and skilled staffEfficiency and research are closely integrated in every operation at Pureweave. A unique campus that houses all traditional and modern weaving under one roofPureweave pioneers research in wide ranging fibres from Animal hairsKashmiri Artisans are world famous for their state of Art craftsmanship. Pureweave is known for producing best embroidered Pashmina  products as well

Quality is a way of life at Pureweave. We can compromise on profits not on quality. We are committed to manufacture and market quality fabric products to all customers in global market. We follow best practices in supply chain and logistics to get the best raw materials, fulfilling the end customer requirements on time and with best quality products.Stringent quality norms are practiced like fabric defect test, fabric tensile test, color fastness test, needle detection test, etc. We focus on total quality management and upgrade our processes to ensure regular improving in quality, processes and products.The quality consciousness at Pureweave is a shared mindset at every level of the organization from the senior managers down to the operators in order to achieve continuous improvementEmployment
Pureweave provides employment to needy women folk living below the poverty line, and is thus working on conscious and moral values. It is in Pureweave the buyers have the confidence in getting the best quality products at competitive price.

All customers are different and so are their needs. In order to meet such needs the winning philosophy is to become an extended manufacturing arm of the customer himself. This is what we do at Pureweave, where almost 90 % manufacturing is based upon individual customer’s specification.
Pureweave pure cashmere shawls manufacturers and suppliers offer cashmere shawls, stoles, scarfs, mufflers, fabic, fashion accessories, kashmiri shawls, embroidery, textile, handwoven, 100% Cashmere, pure cashmere, pure wool, wool, silk, angora, yak, mohair

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Terms and Conditions of cahsmere fashion accessories manufacturer supplier in Delhi India

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Cashmere shawls manufacturers delhi india latest news & events

-> pureweave awarded for the best product, best product display & Best Stand Design for tex-styles 15 March 2009
-> pureweave became the No1 Brand of shawls after getting the Gold Award for best performance in Tex-Styles 2009
-> pureweave show was covered by all major News Papers
-> brand promotion show in Pure London Olympia 2008
-> pureweave hit the ramp at Delhi in March 2008:

pureweave hit the ramp at Delhi in March 2008 showing fine fabrics & Designer Wear with lovely embroidery made out of 100% Cashmere, 100% Camel Hair,Wool & Silk. The Show was one of the biggest event on stage at Pragati maidan where almost Eleven hundred and fifty guests among the buyers, manufacturers from Textile Industry and leading Textile Organization who appreciated the products, designed by RICCI ROSHAAN DESIGN CLUB on pureweave fabrics.

-> pureweave Stall at ITPO Delhi in March 2008
-> pureweave Stall at Industrial Exhibition in May 2008 (Srinagar).
-> buyer Seller meet in Kashmir
-> pureweave in Media and Promotions in 2008

Cashmere shawls manufacturer Latest News & Events: cashmere stoles manufacturers delhi india, cashmere scarfs mufflers manufacturers delhi india, cahsmere fashion accessories manufacturer supplier in india delhi

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